Here are some resources to make sure you and your child have an excellent VidCon experience.

Parents and chaperones, we got you! Here are some resources to make sure you and your child have an excellent VidCon experience. If you still have questions, browse the FAQ or reach out to us at

Chaperone Policy

  • Attendees who are 16 years old or older are not required to be accompanied by a parent or chaperone.
  • Children who are under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult who is 18 years old or older with the same ticket type as the child throughout the entirety of the event.
  • Adults chaperoning children with Community Track tickets may purchase a Chaperone ticket, which offers access to all Community Track content except meet & greets.
  • Ticketed adults are welcome to accompany the minors they are chaperoning into the Meet & Greet Hall, but they can't participate unless they've entered the Matchmaking.
  • Minors under 16 attending the Creator or Industry Tracks must be accompanied by an adult who has also purchased a Creator or Industry Track ticket.


VidCon is an all-ages event, and we take the safety and security of each and every attendee very seriously. Bag checks, RFID portals, and an event-wide security team will be among the measures put in place to ensure the safest VidCon experience possible. Check back later for more information on our security protocols for the event.

Chaperones' Lounge

Need a place to chill? If your child is old enough to be at VidCon on their own (16+), but you'd like to stay nearby, the Chaperones' Lounge is the place for you! Sit down, relax, and meet fellow VidCon parents while your child enjoys all that VidCon has to offer.

Parent & Child Activities

There is plenty to see and do for adults and children alike. We encourage parents to browse the agenda before the event to put together an enjoyable schedule for everyone in their group.

Children Under 8

Children who are 8 years old and younger do not need their own ticket to attend VidCon, and are able to participate in all activities that their parent or chaperone participate in, including meet & greets!