Don't miss our annual Meet & Greet Lottery which gives everyone an equal chance at meeting their favorite creator.


Meet & Greet Matchmaking will run from August 26 – September 9.
Here's everything you need to know about the VidCon 2021 Meet & Greet Matchmaking.

Our annual Meet & Greet Matchmaking gives everyone an equal chance at meeting their favorite creator. Entering the Matchmaking is the ONLY way to meet Featured Creators or have access to the Meet & Greet Hall.

Those who purchase Community, Creator, or Industry Track tickets before or during the Matchmaking are welcome to enter. That's right, for the first time ever the Meet & Greet Matchmaking is open to Creator Track attendees!

Single-day ticket holders are not eligible to participate in the Matchmaking or enter the Meet & Greet Hall.

If you are a chaperone (18 years or older) of a child and want to accompany them to the Meet & Greet Hall for their meet & greets, you will be permitted to enter as long as you have purchased a VidCon ticket. Please note that Chaperone tickets do not offer access to the Meet & Greet Matchmaking and do not allow participation in meet & greet sessions.


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We want to allow as many people as possible to participate in meet & greets, so most sessions will utilize our professional photography service to keep it moving! Our photographer will take a high-quality photo, which will be available to download, save, and share for free shortly after your session. You will find out which sessions include professional photos when you receive your Matchmaking results.

Need more info? Check out our Meet & Greet FAQ, and feel free to reach out to with any questions!